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Helping dentists help more patients

Our Beginnings

Dr. Chris Ciriello was born and raised in Canada. While working in rural Canada after completing dental school, Chris noticed that there weren’t enough dentists in the area to treat all available patients. To tackle this challenge, he initially built his own DSO. However, early into scaling his DSO, Chris was again confronted with more patients than he could treat. He realized that if he wanted to reach more patients, he would need to find a solution with technology.

There weren’t enough dentists to treat all the patients in my community. It dawned on me that I needed to find a way to scale myself.

We hire the best
to solve the unsolvable.

Leadership Team

Chris Ciriello, DDS

Founder & CEO

Phil Getto


Alex Furleigh

Chief of Staff

Our expertise is unrivaled — with some of the brightest minds tackling  problems every day on the bleeding edges of dentistry, AI, and medical  imaging and robotics, we’re bringing dentistry into the modern age

Attracting — and retaining — best-in-class talent is absolutely vital  to our mission of revolutionizing the dental industry

We have the right captains steering the ship with extensive histories of success spanning dentistry, technology, and scaling businesses from 0 to 1



Pacific Dental Services
Harvard School of Dental Medicine


Forsyth Award

Venture Backed

Y Combinator