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Meet modern dentistry.

We’re helping dentists help more patients with revolutionary breakthroughs in advanced imaging, AI, and robotics.

Prototype / Industrial Design to be Finalized


Through our groundbreaking advancements in imaging hardware and software, we’ve built an easy-to-use, handheld intraoral scanner  using advanced OCT technology that is capable of capturing 3D volumes of data — including below the gum line, through fluids,  and under the tooth surface.

OCT has been demonstrated to achieve 90% accuracy or greater  for caries — without the ionizing radiation of other scanning technologies, such as X-rays or CBCT scanners.1


sensitivity to caries, vs. ~45% with 2D X-rays, with no ionizing radiation.1


Our cutting-edge AI technology uses this incredibly rich,  3D volumetric data to conduct state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment planning, enabling dentists to diagnose problems earlier and with higher accuracy and visualize that data clearly  to help patients better understand their need for care.2

Prototype / Industrial Design to be Finalized


We are developing a dental robotics system with a target of completing restorative procedures an order of magnitude faster and more accurately than any human.3

15 min

target to complete a restorative dental procedure, such as a crown, with only one visit — down from two visits of one hour each with traditional methods.4

Prototype / Industrial Design to be Finalized


Safety is our absolute first priority.
Our robotics system is being designed and rigorously tested to ensure that dentists can safely treat teeth even in the most movement-heavy conditions.5